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What constitutes the perfect smile?

Straightness? Colouration? Size? The truth is, the perfect smile depends on the individual. We are all born with the potential to produce a truly dazzling smile; cosmetic dentistry is about unlocking that potential.

Based in Whangarei, Recue Dentist is headed by Dr. Dennis Shepherd – an experienced practitioner with extensive training in specialist prosthodontics. This expertise means that Rescue Dental is able to offer clients more complex cosmetic treatment options than your average dental clinic.

Our cosmetic dental service can be tailored to suit your unique attributes, preferences, and budget. Our skill-set covers everything from minor procedures such as tooth whitening, through to laser gum lifts, porcelain veneers, amalgam removal, crowns and more.

Cosmetic dentists can transform your smile via a range of procedures

Cosmetic dentistry treatment has come a long way in recent times. While it was once all about orthodontics, there are now a broad suite of options that are able to deliver near instantaneous results.

While braces are still the most effective way to create a straight, even smile using the patient’s natural assets, they cannot account for enamel colour, a missing tooth, teeth of varying sizes or a smile that shows what some may consider to be a little too much gum. While these factors may or may not matter, depending on the individual, there are now options available for those who wish to alter further aspects of their smile.

These options include:

  • Whitening
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Laser gum lift
  • Amalgam (silver filling) removal
  • Crowns, bridges and dental implants

Contact our Whangarei clinic today

If you have always dreamed of a straighter, whiter, and more balanced smile, the team at Rescue Dentist can help make it happen. When you visit us for your initial consultation, we will perform either an ‘emotional smile evaluation’ or an ‘objective smile analysis’ to determine what aspects of your smile you love – and which aspects you would like to enhance.

To book a consultation with a specialist cosmetic dentist in Northland, call today on 438 7694.

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