"In December 2013 I was referred to Dr Dennis Shepherd as he is a specialist in bridge-work repair. The roots of my existing bridge-work were failing. Dr Shepherd assessed the situation and outlined to possible pathways forward. This was to an ACC claim but not a straightforward one. His receptionist Erin took it upon herself to ensure ACC met their obligation. Her dogged determination and attention to detail meant ACC covered 90% of the cost.

Dr Shepherd referred me to an oral surgeon in Green Lane for the reconstructive surgery which involved removing part of the mandible and grafting it to the front of the upper jaw. Throughout each stage of the complex procedure Dr Shepherd kept a close eye on my progress and kept me informed about what lay ahead. He and his dental assistant, also called Erin, were amazing in their professionalism and compassion.

After twenty three months from beginning to end the final stage was completed in November 2015. Dr Shepherd and his team are masters in their field. Their patient care and follow up is second to none. I have no hesitation in recommending them for any oral work. If they can deal with a complex case like mine then everyday dental care must be a breeze to them.

Many thanks to Dr Dennis Shepherd and his team Erin and Erin who put a smile on my face in more ways than one."


"I have found that the decision to have my double dental implant of my two upper molars to be the best decision I have made in recent years.

At the initial consultation I was given several options with full explanations of the procedures and the expected outcomes.

The loss of several teeth is devastating and has a real impact on your self-esteem and confidence to smile. At every stage of the surgical dental implant I was kept informed of each step being taken.

The process does take time, but the end result is natural looking teeth that feel like your own, and are able to be used and cared for as your own. You can also smile and laugh without the embarrassment of “gaps” in your teeth being seen."


"I have visited The Rescue Dentist to discuss with Dennis having a new set of dentures made. The option of having implants was also discussed (whereby my lower plate is attached to implanted posts).

After 40 years of dentures, the difficulties eating becoming worse, the decision to go with the implants was not a hard one! “They would be life changing” he said.

After meticulous planning, the actual operation & healing process, making & fitting the new dentures, I finally got this beautiful new set of teeth with the bottom plate anchored! Now I can eat what I like with none of the old issues. Fantastic, they don’t even feel like false teeth! “Life changing” was no exaggeration.

The treatment by Dennis & his staff was awesome throughout and I cannot thank them enough. I am absolutely over the moon with the results. I can so recommend this procedure to anyone who is having denture issues."


It is coming up 9 years since Dr Dennis Shepherd quoted me and carried out major crowning and bridging work on my upper row of teeth.
Since that time , I have not had a moments trouble or any problems.
It was the right decision for me, as my option was to remove my remaining teeth and go to dentures.

While the quote for the work might seem expensive, Dennis’ price was more than competitive.
I have no hesitation in recommending him as his standard of workmanship and quality control certainly did me proud.